Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Royal Geographic Society - July 27, 2010

We were treated to an optional tour to the Royal Geographic Society. The buildings were a 3 part renovation extension with the last being funded by the heritage lottery fund. This grant made possible for them to have new space for the library and storage but also digitize and open their collections up to patrons that may not have known about them. As with most libraries, they are out of space and don't take donation of materials unless it's something very special like the boot Shackleton wore. Their new library space is mostly a reading room and map room blended together. Although their award wall is covered with the names of many notable explorers, today's explores tend to be of the academic world discoveries not the wilderness.  With their new lecture hall, many of today's leading research and scholars have spoken there about current trends. Maybe the next breakthrough would be a complete mapping of the ocean's floor.

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