Monday, July 5, 2010

London Alive Walk

The London Alive Walk that I took was the photograph tour with Dr. Noble. She is a professor of photography and she gave us an overview of the types of things that would be in her class.  We had a crash course in how to take interesting pictures rather than just taking vacation pictures.  Topics included perspective, themes, and structure amongst other things.
We began our walk down Stamford Street to see the top of the OXO tower with its sign.  At night this would be illuminated.  Along the way to the Queen's Riverside Walk, we past by the Bernie Spain Gardens. This is a public garden with many different flowers and trees. We entered the Riverside walk by Gabriel's Wharf and headed towards the Tate Modern. There we photographed Birch trees for their repeatitive lines. Inside the Tate Modern, we photographed the architecture of the building, which was enormous. Outside was the Millenium Bridge, which we took to St. Paul's Cathedral. It was shaky in the light wind but it provided an excellent view of the Tower Bridge of London.  After a few photographs of St. Paul's Cathedral, our walk was over. I took the bus back to Waterloo station.

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