Sunday, July 11, 2010

Stonehenge and Bath Day Trip

The first side trip that was not part of the class was a bus day trip to Stonehenge.  As I had done my undergraduate degree in Anthropology/ Archaeology, this was something I was looking forward to. The journey there was long, through the western country side of London.  Then after the rolling hills and farms, by the side of the road was Stonehenge. I was not pleased with how close the road was next to this extraordinary monument of the Druids. The sheer size of the stone and the engineering of the stone to cut and lift is mind bloggling. One wonders what other knowledge anceint people knew that we have now forgotten. Being there midday, one can't appreciate the beauty and meaning behind building Stonehenge. To see the sun rise or set thru the stone would be a treat.

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After spending only 40 minutes at Stonehenge, we were off to Bath, to see the Roman Bath house and Bath Abbey.  The Roman Bath House is a World Heritage Site and I am standing next to the plack and its emblem that designates it. Back home, I worked with Prof. (retired) Ching- Chih Chen on her, Global Memory Net and her larger project World Heritage Memory Net as a graduate assistant. The World Heritage Memory Net has not lauched yet.  You can see some of our work on Global Memory Net.

We took an audio guide with us through the Bath House and it was a very warm place. The water bubbles and steams up and fills the baths 'til this day. There are many layers underneath the current visable baths of temples and alters.  The excavation is still underway. Water still runs thru the overflow channels as design many centuries ago. Another enginnering masterpiece. I wondered if the water still holds its healing powers but we were not allow to touch the water. I was so tempted to stick my legs in.

After looking around town for a pottery shop that apperently didn't exist, we had a few minutes left to poke into the Bath Abbey and its stained glass was so beautiful.

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